Veterinary Receptionist


Bailey- Certified Veterinary Assistant

Experience- Bailey attended Animal Behavior College in 2016 to obtain her Veterinary Assistant Certification. She started her career in Veterinary Medicine once she graduated the program and has been working in the field ever since, aside from the year she took off when her daughter was born.

Interests- Bailey has loved animals ever since she was a little girl. Her favorite things to do around the clinic are performing dental procedures, assisting during surgeries, and getting to love on all the sweet pets that come in.

Personal- Bailey is a wife to her husband, Jacob, and a mother to her daughter, Addison. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, taking her daughter to the park, swimming, and spending time with her 4 pets.

Sydney-Veterinary Assistant

Place of Study: Sydney is currently finishing up her Associate’s in Pre-Veterinary Sciences at Walter’s State Community College. She recently got accepted into Lincoln Memorial University’s Veterinary Technician Program and will receive her license in Spring of 2024. She currently has 3 years of Veterinary Assistance experience under her belt.

Interests: Sydney has had a passion and love for animals since her first breath. She wishes to be a voice for the voiceless and help every animal possible. Ever since she could remember, she’s always wanted to work with exotic/wildlife species. In a couple of years, she plans to land a job at a zoo, aquarium, or other wildlife facility. Her favorite dog breeds include the German shepherd, Great Dane, and Dachshund. Her favorite animal is an otter.

Personal: Sydney mainly grew up in a small city in Florida. She packed up and moved North to East Tennessee in 2010 with her family and two beloved canines. She currently shares a home with one snake, two dogs, and four cats. Their ages range from one to nine years and weights from three to eighty pounds. One of the cats and one of the dogs are special as in they only have                                                                                                                 three legs. Most of her fur babies are rescues, but they’ve all                                                                                                                     rescued her.